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The Ruijin industrial fluorite ore and dolomite mines and other resources to integrate

Recently, the the Ruijin industry in resource utilization, ushered in two generous: the integration of fluorite mineral resources, China Huaxing Group invested heavily in the implementation of mergers and joint city fluorite mine, will soon commence to invest 3.76 billion yuan Ganzhou (Ruijin) fluorine chemical project

The Vale last quarter iron ore production in the ring was an increase of 4.2%

CVRD, the world’s largest iron ore producer, 17, said the third quarter of this year, its iron ore production to continue to rise, production reached 83.9 million tons, representing an increase of 4.2% over the second quarter production. This is mainly because of the previously affected

Production of rare earth composite brakes applied in a large tub

Recently, the Inner Mongolia Baotou Rare Earth Technology Co., Ltd. Okawa high temperature polymerization technique to rare earth new materials and quartz as the main raw material, developed a new type of rare earth composite brake pads and large mining vehicle successfully applied.

The success of the

India’s rainy season damaged iron ore industry

Indian rainy season, the iron ore industry had to pause for a stage, only lump ore can continue to export.

Practitioners, such as the ancient A Ore Exporters Association, said 80% of the industry enterprises will suffer losses because the expected powder mine to loading transported onto

Around the corner south of the heavy rare earth rare earth industry platform integration into Aspect

The rare earth industry downturn, the Government has once again shot “rescue”. By the Ministry of Industry and other ministries involved in developing the national plan “to promote the rare earth industry mergers and acquisitions will be the recent introduction. South the heavy rare earth resources

  • Ilmenite

    Ilmenite (Ilmenite) and its chemical formula is FeTiO3, Fe 36.8%, Ti 36.6%, O 31.6%. Trigonal system. Rhombohedral classes. Often has irregular granular, flake-like or plate thickness. Above 950 ℃ ilmenite and hematite formed completely isomorphous. When

  • Siderite

    Siderite (Siderite) containing iron carbonate ore, the main ingredient of FeCO3, showing gray, theoretical iron content of 48.2%, the proportion of 3.8 or so. FeCO3, FeO 62.01%, CO2 37.99%, often containing Mg and Mn. Trigonal system.

  • Limonite

    Limonite (Limonite) which is iron ore containing hydrogen is generated by the weathering of other minerals in the most widely distributed in nature, but a large quantity of buried deposits are rare. It is goethite (Goethite)

  • Indonesia to cooperate with enterprises and the common development of the iron and steel industry and aluminum smelters

    Indonesian Industry Minister Hidayat said the Indonesian government will cooperate with a number of Chinese companies, the common development of the iron and steel industry and aluminum smelters, the investment of approximately $ 8.6 billion, the

  • The international mining giant iron ore price slump “bitterness” start

    Iron ore prices have been decreased anxiety has given way to the international mining giant that dominates. Last week, the world’s largest iron ore supplier CVRD, Brazil had to sell in order to protect the cash