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Coal Screening Washing Machine in Coal Processing Plant

Vibrating Screen and the general screening of different classification, which uses circular vibration, so that the screen changes at the crude steel produced the phenomenon of false, thereby increasing the probability of the role of screening, you can use a larger mesh, more productive. Since only single-axis circular shaker excitation, therefore the structure more simple, noise and vibration of small easy maintenance, durable.Shaker is specifically designed for the quarry screening material stone, but also for mining, coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, electricity and chemical industries etc.

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Coal Screening Machine

Vibration exciter with the block eccentric form, not only the quality of a single eccentric weight exciter excitation force increases, and the exciting force can be random control, modular design and ease of use...

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Vibrating Feeder for Coal

Vibrating Feeder simple structure, uniform feeding, continuous performance, and exciting force adjustable; subject to change and control the traffic, easy to operate...