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Separation equipments

SBM Spiral Classifier tanks are engineered to provide the most effective pool area and overflow velocity requirements. By combining the proper submergence of the Spiral with one of the tank designs, a wide range of combinations is possible.


The Helix propeller is very effective in providing the vertical and radical forces for maximum scrubbing. Two six-bladed propellers are mounted on each shaft to provide opposed pumping forces. One propeller has slightly greater blade pitch than the other, which causes the pulp to be pumped from cell to cell.


The flotation machine was designed for mineral processing by flotation. The flotation machine can be used in a pulp flotation process in a wide range of solid parts concentration as well as for enrichment of minerals of high specific gravity.


SBM has produced several thousand Low Intensity magnetic separators both dry and wet versions to the iron ore and others mining industry.


SBM Concentrate equipments are designed for continuous 24 hour per day operation in chemical, industrial mineral and ore processing industries. Units are supplied in two basic confi gurations: bridge or centre pier mounted in diameters from 5 to 75 m.


SBM is professional mining and construction equipments manufacturer, we provide the whole mine beneficiation line design and equipments. whatever you need for mining or construction industry,please contact us. this webpage we introduce two of our filtration equipments .