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Bentonite mining machines

We provide stone crusher,grinding mill for bentonite mining,our standard products is on the left list,jaw crusher always used as primary crusher,and cone crusher used as secondary crusher. If you need a jaw crusher, cone crusher, ball mill, or any form of small mining equipment which is hard to find. Let us be your answer, If our standard models do not fit your needs, contact us and let us see if we can help you.

Bentonite introduction

Bentonite usually forms from weathering of volcanic ash, most often in the presence of water. However, the term bentonite, as well as a similar clay called tonstoin, has been used for clay beds of uncertain origin. Konj Bentonite mine with area about 15 km2 locate in South Korassan province in the east of Iran. Lithology exposes of the rocks is consisting of Shale and Sandstones (Jurassic), Limestone and Marl (Cretaceous), Andesite and Dacite (Oligomiocene), green sandstone, Andesite, Tuff, Argillite and Conglomerete (Eocene). Form geological viewpoint, a Bentonite horizon with 10 m and more thickness have been extended in mine area and have been formed more than 1800000 ton Bentonite. Forming of this Bentonite horizon is because of acidic submarine colcanism activities and part of silicate rocks, Montmorillonite, Tuff and volcanic ash with Eocene age. These complexs in diagenes level undergo mineralogy changes and after that have been affected by surface weathering. Bentonite horizon divides to 4 classification super quality, high, normal and low quality. Mineralogy studies by XRD analysis show that main former mineral phase of Bentonite is consist of Montmorillonite, crystobalithe, and Calcite and secondary phase is consist Quartz, Albite and Gypsum. Chemical analysis result by XRF show that Khonj Bentonite is Soda type as maximum amount of Na20 is about 3.29 % while maximum amount of K2O is less than 1.5 %. According to chemical and physical test result like acidity (ph-9-10) and absorption index (597-705), best application for this Bentonite is using in sinker and found industrials.