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Copper crushing machine

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Copper crushing process machines

Crushing – Primary


Primary crushing was done by a jaw-crusher – like a giant nutcracker. This consisted of two jaws, one static, and one moving. Ore would move between the jaws and was crushed if it was larger than the gap between the jaws. The jaws did not close completely but were set 4 or 6 inches apart. This crusher and many others were not designed to crush every piece of ore. After the ore passed through a crushing device it was generally “screened” and any ore above a certain size would be fed back through the crusher. In many mines, including Britannia, primary crushing was done underground. This could facilitate handling and transport of the ore.


Crushing – Secondary (Cone Crushing)


Secondary crushing was done in this mill by a cone crusher – like a giant pepper mill. This consisted of a cone-like chute, down which the ore passed. Inside the cone, a smaller cone-shaped crusher rotated, breaking the ore between the crusher and the wall of the chute.