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Iron Ore Beneficiation

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iron ore beneficiation process

Crushing Process of Iron Ore

Iron ore crushing is actually the preparation process that are needed for decreasing the size of iron ores during all iron ore processing technology, which aims at make good preparation for transportation of iron ore, iron ore grinding, iron ore dissociation, and further screening.

Crushing process of iron ore will be different due to different material compositon of iron ore, general process is iron ore crushing and screening. Crushing and screening process includs the following parts in terms of its complexity: burden, crushing, transportation, screening, groove storage(dump), and mixing. Please click here to review iron ore crusher.


Grinding Process of Iron Ore


Coal Mill

Grinding process of iron ore is mainly divided into open circuit and closed circuit. Open circuit process is: iron ore storage—iron ore feeding—ore grinding---the grinded iron ore deliveres to flour mill to re-grind. Closed circuit process is: iron ore storage---iron ore feeding—classification of the grinded ores-- the grinded iron ore deliveres to flour mill to re-grind. In the second and third stage of ore grinding in closed circuit, sometimes, magnetic separation of ore discharge is added to first stage of ore grinding.

The common used euqipment for iron ore grinding is ball miller. How to choose grinding mode is a complicated issue. If you have any questions, please click here, welcome online contact us for consultation.

Beneficiation plant for iron ore

In any incompleted iro ore beneficiation process, crusher and grinder is basically co-existed. For different production rate, and iron ore with different material, iron ore beneficiation equipment will be different, we provide various iron ore beneficiation equipments. Reasonable and high efficient iron ore beneficiation equipments are all available for you, of which producation volume ranges from 40t to 1000t per hour, no matter magnetite, hematite, and spathic iron ore of high hardness, or limonite iron ore of low hardness.