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SBM has recently completed a vibratory screen for a gold ore screening plant for one of the larger mines in South Africa. Many Gold processing plants have been built or recommissioned recently due to the increase in the price of Gold. As a specialist in heavy duty materials processing equipment was tasked to design a vibratory screen to place inside a South African Gold Ore Processing Plant. The unit is located after a primary crusher and oversize material is fed back into the crusher while undersize material is fed elsewhere for further processing.


The Screen designed has three screening decks and weighs over 16 tonnes. The unit was designed utilizing the Sub Resonant Drive system which means that this piece of equipment can be vibrated using only two small 3.5kw motors. This design leads to high energy efficiency, long life, low maintenance, easy installation and quiet operation. Sub Resonant Vibrating Screens are powered by an electromechanical motor which passes the vibrating force through drive springs. These springs transfer up to 90% of the power required to vibrate the screen. This drive system may save up to 70% on energy costs compared to a Direct Drive Vibrating Screen and also have a longer life expectancy due to smaller stresses, lower maintenance costs, they pass less dynamic forces to sub structures and are quiet and more reliable