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Recycle gypsum processing

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Gypsum Waste Management Background

Gypsum is one of the most widely used materials in the building sector and originates both naturally and as a synthetic by-product from a range of industrial processes. Approximately 3 million tonnes of gypsum waste arises only in Europe annually, of which it is estimated that 55,000 tonnes arise in Denmark. This is predominantly plasterboard in the form of offcuts from construction sites and stripped-out plasterboard from demolition and renovation sites.


The recycling unit was specially designed and developed by SBM. It is mobile and can be easily moved from one plasterboard storage warehouse to another, permitting an optimal location of the warehouses and minimising transportation costs. With this approach, one recycling unit can service several warehouses / plants. Dismantling and setting up of the unit can be done in a few hours.


All plasterboard waste can be recycled using the system, including waste plasterboard containing foreign materials such as plastic, wallpaper and metal, e.g. nails and screws. The recycling unit separates foreign material and the facing paper from the plasterboard prior to the gypsum core being granulated and powdered. The treatment facility is capable of handling new construction waste and demolition waste, as well as wet and dry plasterboard waste.