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Salt quarry machine

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Salt Production Worldwide

The annual world production of salt currently exceeds 200 million tons; more than one third of which is produced by solar evaporation of sea water or inland brines. Another third is obtained by mining of rock salt deposits, both from underground and from surface quarrying. The balance is obtained as brines, mainly by solution mining. Brines can be used directly (for example in diaphragm electrolysis) or thermally evaporated to produce vacuum salt.

Salt quarry machine

SBM, based on 30 years' production and design experience, manufactures the world-class high-quality crawler type mobile crusher. It is consist of jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, belt conveyor and screening machine. It can meet different requirements "screening after crushing" and "crushing after screening". The crushing process can be divided into two phases "coarse and fine", and three phases "coarse, middle and fine". According to your production requirement of size, choose the suitable mobile crusher. Don't worry about the operation, the mobile crusher can operate independently and jointly with great flexibility.