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Feldspar mining process

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Feldspar application

Feldspar is a mineral of industrial importance because of the variety of products which it constitutes an essential ingredient. It is used in the manufacture of most kinds of pottery, including such diverse products as sanitary ware and decorative vases. A given proportion of feldspar with clay is necessary to the fusing of the mixture in porcelain; and feldspar is also an important constituent of almost all ceramic glazes. Chemical ware, glass, preserving jars, electrical insulators, enamel for metals, and floor and wall tile are all composed of feldspar. It is used in cement and scouring soaps, it serves as a flux in the manufacture of abrasive materials and coarse feldspar forms the coating for prepared roofs. A high-grade feldspar, known as dental spar, is used in the manufacture of artificial teeth.

Feldspar mining equipments

In feldspar mining process, which feldspar mining equipment we usually use is feldspar crushing machines, feldspar grinding machines and vibratring screen, vibrating feeder, belt conveyor. In feldspar mining processing, crushing is the first phase. In the crushing phase, jaw crusher, impact crusher and cone crusher is the common crushing machine. Then feldspar particle enter into the grinding process. In this process, feldspar is grinded into powder, then collect by cyclone collector.

There are four type of feldspar in nature, they are K-feldspar, albite, anorthite, barium feldspar. Feldspar powder is used as raw material of ceramic glaze, ceramic blanks ingredients, glass flux, Tong ceramic and potassium extraction.