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Feldspar quarrying equipments

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Feldspar minerals

Feldspars are among the most important mineral groups on the earth. Although the group of feldspar has 20 minerals, only nine of them are well known. These minerals make up the largest percentage of minerals in nature.

Feldspar quarrying process

Crushing and pulverizing is a simple process. If the feldspar is slightly altered it is occasionally calcined to remove the combined water, but ordinarily it is broken with sledges or with a jaw crusher to about 2-inch sizes and feed into a "MXB" mill. This mill is a kind of new high-tech milling machine to meet the requirements of coarse powder processing customers. The crushed material is screen and the coarse material returned to the MXB mill, while the fine material is fed to ball mills. The latter are steelbarrel tumbler mills 6-07 feet long and of about the same diameter. They are lined with hard wood or silica blocks and the charged with French flint pebbles 2-3 inches in diameter. The revolving of the mill causes the pebbles to roll or slide, thus pulverizing the feldspar.


The pulverized feldspar is rarely screened, but the degree of fineness is determined by testing small samples of the material, and the length of the grinding period is depended on to give the desired pulverization. If the pegmatite carries mica the pulverized material should be screened through a fine sieve to remove any unpulverized material.