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Silica sand mining

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Silica sand mining application

Silica (industrial) sands contain a high proportion of silica (up to 99% SiO2) in the form of quartz and are used for applications other than as construction aggregates. They are produced from both loosely consolidated sand deposits and by crushing weakly cemented sandstones. Unlike construction sands, which are used for their physical properties alone, silica sands are valued for a combination of chemical and physical properties. These include a high silica content in the form of quartz and, more importantly, low levels of deleterious impurities, particularly clay, iron oxides and refractory minerals, such as chromite. They typically have a narrow grain-size distribution (generally in the range 0.5 to 0.1 mm).

Silica sand mining machines

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Silica sand mining in India

In mineral planning, the term ‘reserves’ or ‘mineral reserves’ refers to material that has a valid planning permission for mineral extraction. Permitted reserves of silica sand include a wide range of different qualities, many of which are not interchangeable in use.


No systematic survey of permitted reserves of silica sand in India has been undertaken. However, permitted reserves within the Passage Formation of Central India are of the order of 18 million tonnes, although this figure includes a range of qualities. At the Lochaline Mine permitted reserves and unconsented resources are reported to be some 40 million tonnes. However, this large potential cannot be realised because the capacity of the mine is only about 150 000 t/y.


Processing plant for silica sand generally requires a high capital investment. Sufficient permitted reserves are required to reflect this investment.


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