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Silica sand processing

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Silica sand processing Machines

Silica sand is the major raw material used in all types of glass, and has numerous ceramic, foundry, filtration and refractory applications (Harben & Kužvart 1996). For industrial use, deposits of silica capable of yielding products of at least 97% SiO2 are required (Whitehouse 1995).SBM is a silica sand crusher and grinding machine company, in silica sand processing unit we provide jaw crusher for silica sand raw materials crushing, ball mill or raymond mill for silica sand grinding, silica sand washing machines is the final equipent in silica sand processing unit.

Silica sand processing Unit

Proposal: Silica Sand Project, Gnangara Part 2: Lot 5892 Maralla Road Bullsbrook M70/326

Proponent: Urban Resources Pty Ltd

Change: A second proponent, Urban Resources Pty Ltd, to operate an additional sand quarry and processing works under Statement 024 on lot 5892 Maralla Road.

Note: Lot 5892 Maralla Road was removed from Statement 024 under section 45C on 8 May 2008. The present 45C process reinstates Lot 5892 Maralla Road as part of Statement 024 and nominates Urban Resources Pty Ltd as the proponent for this piece of land only. Rocla Pty Limited remains the proponent for the remainder of the land under Statement 024.