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Kaolin quarry machinery

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Kaolin introduction

Kaolin is a soft, white, plastic clay consisting principally of kaolinite, which is a well ordered hydrated aluminium silicate Al2Si2O5(OH)4. It is formed by the alteration of granitoid rocks, mainly feldspar and muscovite. Naturally, kaolin occurs with impurities, which have to be removed for most of its commercial application, particularly in the paper filling and coating applications.

Kaolin quarry processing

SBM proposes to develop an open pit operation to quarry friable sandstone . The development is limited to extracting the sandstone resource at a location bounded on three sides by existing sand extraction and coal mining operations and associated infrastructure. There is no proposal for any onsite processing of extracted material as all is to be railed to quarry processing. The off-site processing will produce kaolin and sand products.


A quarry method involved:


rip and doze by large dozer to fragment and heap the rock
loading by front-end loader into rear dump haul trucks,
haulage and dumping onto grizzly and crusher, and crushing and placement of material on a stockpile prior to being conveyed and loaded onto trains for transport.


SBM is a high-technology engineering group with world-leading positions in mining and construction area. We are products have been exported over 160 countries. SBM provide stone crushers,ball mill, vibrating screen and others mining machinery for kaolin beneficiation process.