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Marble process

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Marble manufacturing process

From ancient times through the present day, marble has been one of the most important monumental and building stones recognized for quality and durability. Shakespeare employs the phrase "whole as the marble" indicating the universal acknowledgment of this rock as the quintessential building stone. Marble is also the most important stone used in sculpture. Geologists regard marble as a metamorphic rock, i.e., a rock that has been formed when a change takes place in another rock.


Marble manufacturing process could be divided into crushing, grinding, screening,ect.SBM Machinery is a leading manufacturer and supplier of mobile, portable, semi-mobile, stationary crushing, screening, recycling, sand washing, and grinding mill equipment in the world, which can be used in quarrying, mining, road construction, demolition, waste recycling and so on. We have a lot of experience in marble processing, if you need marble crushing processing machines or other marble processing equipments,please contact us.