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Bauxite beneficiation equipment

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Bauxite beneficiation processing

At the bauxite beneficiation plant, the raw bauxite ore is going to be fed into primary crusher for primary crushing.


The crusher is used to break the ore as a result of an inferior size suitable for transport across the conveyor belt to the refineries. The crushing plant comprises of numerous components which include a vibrating screen, jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen etc.


Fine material drops from the vibrating screen while larger material passes within the screen to the jaw crusher that breaks in the large rocks. The information that passes through the vibrating screen and jaw crusher is collected and passed with the sizer that further cuts down on size the information prior to it being passed to the conveyor belt. The last sized the crushed bauxite ore is approximately 7.5cm or less in diameter.


After the crushing process, the the bauxite is screened and washed to remove fine particles. It is then positioned on stockpiles, which can be loaded onto ships. Then your bauxite ore is going to be refined into alumina on the smeltery.


At the smeltery, bauxite ore is going to be ground into fine powder (under 0.1mm or even smaller) by grinding mill including rod mill, ball mill ,Raymond mill, questionable mill etc.