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Chrome crushing plant

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Chromium introduction

Chromium as a metallic element was first discovered more than two hundred years ago by Nicolas-Louis Vauquelin, a professor of chemistry and assaying at the School of Mines in Paris. His analysis of some samples of crocoite ore (a lead chromate or PbCrO4) in 1797 revealed a new metallic element, which he called chromium after the Greek word khrôma, meaning colour. After further research he detected trace elements of chromium in precious gems - giving the characteristic red colour of rubies and the distinctive green of emeralds, serpentine, and chrome mica.

Equipment for chrome crushing

Firstly,the chrome ores are crushed with an jaw crusher for primary crushing, then crushed chromite ores materials are crushed with an impact crusher ore cone crusher.PE jaw crusher pressure resistance strength is under 200Mpa, and PEW jaw crusher pressure resistance strength is under 280Mpa. Impact crusher is widely applied in mining, transportation, energy, construction and chemical industry. Comparing with other kinds crusher, cone crusher have excellences for fine crushing.