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Gravel mining equipment

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Sand & Gravel mining

Note: We provide stone crusher, grinding mill for gravel mining.


Sand and gravel are used as construction aggregate for roads and highways (base material and asphalt), pipelines (bedding), septic systems (drain rock in leach fields), and concrete (aggregate mix) for highways and buildings. In many areas, aggregate is derived primarily from alluvial deposits, either from pits in river floodplains and terrances, or by in-channel (instream) mining, removing sand and gravel directly from river beds with heavy equipment.


Sand and gravel that have been subject to prolonged transport in water (such as active channel deposits) are particularly desirable sources of aggregate because weak materials are eliminated by abrasion and attrition, leaving durable, rounded, well-sorted gravels . Instream gravels thus require less processing than many other sources, and suitable channel deposits are commonly located near the markets for the product or on transportation routes, reducing transportation costs (which are the largest costs in the industry). Moreover, instream gravels are typically of sufficiently high quality to be classified as ‘‘PCC-grade’’ aggregate, suitable for use in production of Portland Cement concrete .