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Quartz beneficiation

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Quartz introduction

Quartz is found in the nature in varying purity and is traded in varying quality at strongly differentiated prices. Raw material for glass is probably the largest market, which is dominated by Belgian quartz sand. Belgian quartz sand sets the price and quality standard for such product.


Generally quartz has been mined from the mono mineral deposits, although some quartz has been a secondary product when making feldspar from pegmatite and granites.

Quartz beneficiation Processing

The processing technologies have to be adapted for specific requirements of quartz raw materials. Only in the rarest instances, it is possible to use raw materials right away without some prior processing. Processing technologies therefore, play a central role in the value enhancement chain and maximum utilization of quartz. These technologies are the decisive factor in the commercial success of a deposit. Process development always starts out from chemical and physical characteristics of natural quartz. In the past, special attention was devoted to the development of the processes regarding sample preparation and procedures for the detection of trace impurities in quartz up to the ppb-area. Laboratory tests must be done to figure out which process combination will lead to an optimal result at the end.


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