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Quartz quarry

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Quartz quarry machine and Quartz Mine introduction

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The Crystal Peak Mine area contains massive quartz composed of crystalline silicon dioxide (SiO2) with many pockets of clear to milky quartz crystals of all sizes. It probably formed late in the crystallization of a granitic magma chamber, because quartz is one of the last minerals to crystallize as a magma cools down. The crystal pockets probably represent pockets of accumulated volatiles that allowed formation of very large crystals at relatively shallow depths in the crust. Look carefully in this area and you may also find the mineral orthoclase feldspar (KAlSi3O8), a pale salmon pink mineral showing nearly right-angle cleavage (planes of breakage).

Quarrying of quartz compared to the quarrying of other lithic raw materials

When comparing quartz quarrying to the mining of other lithic raw materials a number of distinctions may be helpful. Firstly, the procurement of raw materials from different types of locations may require different approaches, and the following distinctions are suggested:

1. Open pebble sources (river banks / beaches / erratics)

2. Covered pebble sources (glacial till, fossil riverbeds and fossil sea-shores)

3. Intermediary sources (mainly chalk sources)

4. Bedrock outcrops (veins, dykes, and sills)