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Quartz Vibrating Screen

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Quartz Vibrating Screen Manufacturer

SBM is a professional quartz vibrating screen manufacturer,Our Quartz Vibrating Screen has been exported 167 countries.


In quartz screening line,the extracted sand and quartz pebble (which is separated on extraction based on colour, ie. either “white” or “gold”) is placed within the raw feed stockpile area from which it is loaded into a hopper and conveyed to a primary screen to separate oversize (> 50mm material) from the quartz pebble (5mm to 50mm material) and <5mm quartz pebble and sand. 5mm to 50mm Quartz Pebble Washing and Screening From the primary screen, the quartz pebble is transferred to a log washer where water is added and through vibration, additional sand and < 5mm quartz pebble is removed. The water, < 5mm quartz pebble and sand is transferred to the main wash tank for further washing and sorting. The washed pebble is then passed over a dewatering screen. The water from the dewatering screen is recycled for use within a twin deck sorting screen used to separate the 5mm, 8mm, 14mm, 20mm and 40mm quartz pebble products as well as any remaining oversize material.